Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you pronounce LUCRE?

  2. LUCRE is pronounced "LOO-KUR" and is short for lucrative. That's what you will be when using our service. We offer innovative products that reduce cost, increase profitability and ensure quality of service.

  3. Where is the pricing for the services Lucre offers?

  4. Prices are not available online, as each project has a unique characteristics that require customization. However, you may contact us at your leisure for information packets and brochures that do include competitive pricing customized to you application.

    We can be reached via phone at 888-GO-LUCRE, fax at 616-980-4141, and email at

  5. Does Lucre provide long distance?

  6. LUCRE does provide access to various Long Distance Providers. LUCRE is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier, primarily focused on calls placed within Western Michigan. We do provide access to Long Distance Providers, as well as whole sale long distance munutes, in the form of Pre-Paid Long Distance Calling Cards.

  7. Does Lucre provide ISDN,xDSL, or Wireless Services?

  8. We are working on developing our infrastructure to include such services. However, Verizon and SBC Ameritech currently have these services for Resale )meaning we lease part of their facilities to complete the link between customer premise and our equipment). Contact us for more information on the availability and pricing

  9. Can I move my current service from SBC Ameritech or Verizon over to Lucre?

  10. Please consult a Lucre Sales Representative. Depending upon the type of service you have with SBC Ameritech and Verizon, we may be able to transition you off from them over to our network.

    Have a question not answered above? Contact us to obtain further information.

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