Welcome to Lucre

Lucre, Inc. is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier, serving West Michigan since 1998. Our network was developed from the ground up to provide a broad range of products, solutions, and cutting edge technologies.

The initial focus was to provide a carrier hotel for Internet Service Providers. Since then we have added services like Long Distance, LD Calling Cards, Voice over IP (VOIP), PC to FAX, as the ever changing telcom industry needs evolved.

Redundant Class 5 soft switches provide both PSTN and IP network connectivity.

In summary, competitive rates, network stability, personal service, are the key componets for providing the needs of the growing telecommunication industry. Ultimately, Lucre's goal is to provide the products and solutions that will increase the value of out customer's products and services, control costs, and support the growing need of diverse products in the telecommunication industry.

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